• I'm sitting here with a cigarette and a smile.
    Let's just talk for a while.
    Baby, you make me so proud.
    So proud, so proud, so proud.

    You make me realize that the pain will fade.
    I'm no longer afraid.
    Take me away, from all this pain.
    Like that day with all the rain.

    With all the kissing.
    And nothing missing.
    All the happiness.
    Our love is ageless.

    You're eyes remind me of darkness,
    but your smiles reminds me of light.
    You're personality is so bright.
    Just hold me tight,
    and remember that everything will be alright.

    The most important thing in life, is never a thing.
    This is why I love you, for all the happiness you bring.
    It's funny how I no longer feel like I'm acting.
    With you I'm perfectly real - you're just that big of a deal.

    I'm sitting here with a cigarette, and happy tears.
    You take away the pain, no more fears.
    You make me so proud, so proud, to call you mine.