• Bitter taste of heaven,
    It’s the only thing that somehow stops the ache.
    No bells will ring,
    It’s a funeral that no one will forget.

    The preachers through with preaching,
    These candles lit a thousand times just sigh,
    No lover cries
    Bruised, beaten, blooded, broken.

    Smile, you’re not hurting,
    It’s not your corpse they’re burying today,
    No memories to be shared,
    Just a haze of drunken nights.

    The preachers through with preaching,
    Drinks the last of wine and then he leaves,
    No whispers stay,
    Dead cold silence like the dead cold night
    Where she cried at home alone.

    A funeral that you can’t attend
    The day you lost her,
    Your good friend.