• I don't regret it but the after-burn is hell
    I feel so numb but how can you tell
    I'd do it all again over and over
    But now I can't think cause' it's over
    I think about her but does she think about me
    I'd do it all again and do it all the same way
    Now I can't even speak to her because all I want to say
    Is that I want her back, I need her back
    Now it feels like I've been stabbed in the back
    Was all that we talked about a lie?
    Travel the world, just you and I?
    I said I'd never leave you
    But now you've gone and left me
    I'll never hear you say you love me again.
    I love you too much that words can't even begin
    To describe it, with you I felt so alive and it
    Tore me up inside, can't hide, I tried, first time I really cried
    Now you'll go and find another guy
    Maybe not soon but trust me there's a line of em'
    And to each and everyone I hate from deep within
    Because when you have someone else
    You'll forget about me
    And when you think of me, I'm just another ex.
    We were nothing special I guess
    But you left a pretty big mess
    And now I can't get you out of my head
    I just keep reading over what you said