• My energy wasted,
    The smile on my face pasted,
    You've let me down once again.
    Hard as I try,
    Try as I must,
    Everything i touch turns to dust.
    I try to see you Saturday
    But each time you wave my suggestions away
    I confide in you
    And what do you do?
    You tell my secrets
    And promise those sweet nothings I've heard so much about
    I'm just so disappointed!
    Is there no end?
    Each day there's a new twist
    The road hides another bend
    Can't you see what you're doing to me?
    How much more do I need to plead?
    I've been on my knees for weeks
    Praying for the change I've yet to see
    For time and patience to fix the links
    One disappointment after another
    I doubt I can keep up.
    And after the last abomination
    I think I've had enough!
    I'd love to say I quit
    But the two of you would throw a fit.
    And once more
    I'd knock at your door
    Apologizing for making an effort
    Once more, my friends, you've disappointed me
    Let me down and stomped on my heart
    I will try and bear through it,
    And grind my teeth against this constant pain.

    So today I say to you, my friends,
    You need to step up to the plate.
    The ball won't bite, I promise you,
    But you still need to take a good swing.
    I'm foolishly counting on you,
    Giving you yet another chance.