• In ways I can’t even say,
    You were my everything,
    As your touch sent me into convulsions,
    In many ways you were like my Trojan horse,
    As love took its course,
    And you became my religion and I was disciple,
    Girl I study you like how a pastor reads the bible,
    And your lips were sweeter than honey from a bee,
    You were all that and a bag of Lays salt and vinegar bag potato chips to me,
    Better than any drug or paraphernalia,
    Every time we kissed I was under the weather,
    Sick with an infection of love,
    My body shivered like I had the shakes from your hugs,
    Yeah, I was bitten by the love bug,
    And shot by cupid,
    Because the love I had for you made me feel kind of stupid,
    As I remember the sound you use to make when I held you close to my body,
    But my love for you was an atrocity,
    An abomination,
    Something that couldn’t be real,
    In the Christian way of thinking,
    Yet here I stand,
    Watching you and loving you from a distance,
    Sorry I wasn’t born a man,
    Because if I was maybe just maybe,
    I could enjoy,
    The smile on your face,
    The touch of your hands,
    The curve of your hips,
    The steps in your dance,
    The slopes of your body,
    The embrace of your hugs,
    The addiction of your kiss,
    The grace of your love,
    The look in your eyes, as we make love,
    The moans of your mouth,
    The scent of your flesh,
    Your voice in our house,
    Your hand in marriage,
    You having my child,
    The look on your face forever as each night,
    I would have the opportunity to drive you wild,
    But I’m not a man,
    And as I remember you touch in cruses,
    And remember your moans in tears,
    Because clearly,
    I have loved you beyond my childhood years.