• Faster, faster, and faster i flee,
    I am moving fast but day will still catch me.
    As I run I think of the one who did this,
    the one who I plan to throw in the abyss.
    If she touches him i think I may die,
    but I must grow up and stop living this lie.
    I can not keep him even if I try,
    therefore I can only let him fly.
    I do not want to let him go but i am the only one that knows,
    as the girls begin to line in rows.
    The dark sky I have blinded him with by this,
    every time I had his sweet kiss.
    I knew my kiss was not his first,
    but it still made me thirst.
    I have the heart of a dark queen,
    but this is because i am cold and mean.
    I am darkness some say,
    that vanishes during the day.
    Therefore I have to let him go for his own sake,
    but not till dawn break.