• For what obstacle is just one person?
    Some would say like none at all,
    But just one person is like a mountain
    When you're feeling two feet tall.

    When you know what's on the other side,
    It's like your heart's been eaten,
    For beyond the mountain there lies
    The human Garden of Eden.

    In the garden is where he lurks
    But there's only room for one more
    And sadly that one isn't me,
    But I'll be waiting at the door.

    I've stood here waiting my life away,
    But, alas, to no avail;
    My legs are sore and my heart is broken,
    And I see that I have failed.

    My life has passed in the blink of an eye
    And I now in my coffin lay,
    For though the mountain had fallen to bits,
    The rocks still stood in my way.