• When I see you in the halls,
    My heart melts and calls,
    Out to you but you don't see,
    That you mean the world to me.

    I wish I could tell you how I feel,
    That my love for you is real,
    But I don't know where to start,
    I'm scared you'll break my heart.

    You're all I see,
    I wish I could be,
    The one you see everywhere,
    I love you-you don't care.

    With you I feel invinsible,
    Without you I feel invisible,
    My world is crashing down,
    I just can't help but frown.

    I'm moving away,
    There must be a way,
    For me to see you,
    Before my hearts break in two.

    I don't know what I'll miss,
    Please give me a sweet kiss,
    Before I leave forever,
    Please do it now or never.