• Sitting here watching you slowly leave
    Bleeding out cuase of pain screaming
    Please if you love me dont go baby please
    On my knees watching my blood teamingly fall
    All in all I lost you to a good guyand i swear id never
    Cry wishing hopeing wondering why-should i die
    Maybe but in school to home to virtual reality
    I can never seem to win and im trying to
    Pick and choose but im gettin s**t confused
    Im hurt my heart has grooves as it bruises
    Im a fighter i dont bust back I shoot first I never
    Hurt like this feeling arent me yet im slowly seeing
    My mortallity and Im to much of an animal yet its
    Understandable that im going weak s**t I seen
    It since you started always being around him
    You started calling only him ignoring me
    Talkin bout only him and him turning against me
    always on th defese yet we all new he loved you
    Now you love him so Im forced to say You win
    Take life easy ready to spin like a bullet I should
    Have jumped off the edge like let me fall please
    I always tryed to help telling the truth but Im steady
    Fighting with ya freinds arrgueing and I feel like I
    Can never win doing what i got to outa love yet i still
    Fall well I got one thing left to sayand its a wish
    I wish I never prayed cuase that aint me and
    God hates me its a wonder my soul dosent
    Escape me cuase m,y life hes rapped me
    Of what is mine but hell get his in due time
    Im done loseing everything I love and ever had