• Out of the webs of desire and pain,
    Comes a monster with a look of disdain.
    The great beast by the name of love,
    It silently watches its prey from above.
    Waiting for the appropriate time to strike,
    The monster then controls you as it likes.
    It may bring you joy and bliss,
    Or maybe death sealed by a kiss.
    It’s a savage that’s easy to anger,
    If you taunt him expect great danger.
    Treat Love kindly and with respect,
    Then it will be caring and there to protect.
    He brings happiness and sorrow as one,
    Much like the burning and warmth of the sun.
    You may choose to leave the beast alone,
    But realize he holds happiness you’ve never known.
    Whether you try to tame the creature or go hide,
    It’s a choice only you can decide.