• All are now snowy winter nights
    Missing the warmth of the sun
    Flashbacks of our bloodied fights
    Visions of the past just begun

    All I see now is falling frozen rain
    Missing the love we once shared
    Rememberance of the solemn pain
    Spoken words from those who never cared

    Blinded by the neverending wintry flood
    Missing the life we once yearned
    Dreams of knives and flowing blood
    Sights of a man who never learned

    I sit here, waiting for your return
    As the snow falls upon the earth
    Changes from love to emotions of spurn
    Hallowed angels shocked by your rebirth

    Did they welcome you with warm smiles?
    Or did you fall once again?
    Perpetual for miles and miles
    Into a world of sins that calls for men

    I never wanted to do that...never
    But, you, our love you did sever
    I will see you again, my love, my life
    As I leave my own bloody trails with that knife

    The snow falls quietly now, the sky stops crying
    As I rekindled our love as I laid dying....
    ....All of this was....
    ....For You....