• I sit
    alone in my room
    i hear
    the echo of the lonelyness i feel
    I smell
    the musky rain in the hills
    I feel..i feel
    i feel nothing at all

    The blade sytares at me
    i stare back
    the blade glartes at me
    i glare back
    the blade spins around
    i walk away

    I ask my self
    is it worth it
    is it right
    do i wish to die
    or is this my life?
    do they care
    or do they not
    Do they need me
    or am i anorther problem

    i leave the blade and walk away

    Second day
    my friends are mean
    they call me names
    and steal; my lunch
    the guy i like laughs at me
    he laughs and laughs and laughs
    is it worth this
    such great pain i weild
    my eyes swell with tears

    Bell rings home i go
    im alone
    the blade still there

    blader still glare can i do it
    can i end my life
    can i cause such greif

    they will get over it
    but i cant go on with this
    my pain is greater than theirs

    I grab the blade
    and cut deep
    the crismon liquid flows out of my wrists
    the deeper i go the darker it gets

    the agunising poain taking over
    i cant scream
    i must stay queit
    what seems like hours finally i fall to the ground in a pool of
    deep crismon liquid
    im not breathing im standing over my body
    my mum crying holding my body close

    months later

    my friends and classmates all stand in seilence as they are told
    hope they feel the pain i did
    i hope they knowe what they did
    the tears at night finally end
    let them cry
    tears at night