• What if I told you that you amazed me?
    What would you say to me?
    Would you tell me the same?
    Or would you leave me?
    What if I said I loved you?
    Would you return the words?
    Or would you pretend you never heard me?
    What if I said I wanted to hold your hand?
    Would you hold your hand out and smile?
    What if I kissed you?
    Would you blush?
    Would you leave?
    Would you kiss me back?
    I don't know why
    I ask all of these questions.
    I've never told you any of this directly...
    I'm just too afraid.
    So, what if....
    I told you I wrote you a poem,
    And it contained everything I've ever felt for you?
    What if I meant every single line in the poem...
    You just take away all these questions...
    And listen to me say:
    "I love you."
    What if?