• Bury Me Alive
    Still i will survive
    Destroy me so your control may thrive
    Im giving up just to die
    Your hate is my high
    Brake me down
    So i may return
    Your sins will come back to burn
    Not you but me
    For im your Nightmare for all to see

    You hit your bed
    There i am in your head
    Swallow your screams
    Im the one from your dreams
    A shadow casts a raven
    Run all you like you will find no safe haven

    Its me dont you see
    Recognize my face from that tormented place
    I feel nothing but pain
    The flames of my hate will drown you in sorrowless rain
    I am all you fear
    Now i am here

    You thought you killed me
    But i cannot die for i do not breathe or bleed
    I hate and seek revenge for the life you lead