• my mind that screams for me to quit
    a firey hate which i lit
    a knife that lays on the floor
    screaming and shaking forever more

    the kids all laugh and call me names
    do they just think thats its a game?
    the hate i feel
    the lies i told,
    they point and yell, and parents scold

    i sit in coreners
    all day long
    the crazy girl
    who dont belong

    i cry out silently
    so know one hears
    how long will i suffer
    how many more years?

    ill end it all, tonight i will
    write a note, my words to spill
    to know its done, once and for all
    the love i felt, the dark that falls

    "dig a grave, dig it deep
    place a statue at my feet
    and on the statue place a dove
    to show the world i died for love"