• I sleep the troubled sleep,
    of one damned but yet to pay.
    I rest in thorns and
    lie in glass, as demons
    chew my flesh.
    Her face, her curse, haunts
    my dreams. That silken voice
    I once craved, now drains
    my life away.
    I can’t forget,
    I can’t believe,
    cannot think of
    what has passed.
    Violet eyes, and
    crimson hair,
    burned my soul
    and heart.
    Seared my mind
    with want.
    I followed her steps
    as night fell,
    I stop, calling out her
    She turned to me
    and smiled,
    breaking my heart
    in two.
    Possessed by my unholy wants I
    chased. Chased this
    girl, this devil’s angel
    down the darkened road.
    She fled under the
    her hellfire hair
    flowing behind.
    I chased, my breathing
    heavy, my heart
    racing for just
    a touch,
    a brush of that
    silken face.
    She fell to the earth,
    a sign from deep
    I grabbed that mane
    I craved and pulled
    her closer still.
    Eyes filled with tears,
    turning violet in to
    crystal. Paper beauty I
    could not resist.
    I took my prize
    within the grass,
    an empty night with
    only stars to witness
    its events.
    Moons passed before
    I met the devil red.
    A woman of terror,
    her beauty unsurpassed,
    summoned by the girl
    she came to me in sleep.
    “For crimes committed, for cries
    I damn you to my hearth.
    Sleep well, the sleep of dead,
    for soon you shall
    be mine.”
    Gone in a wisp,
    in a moments time,
    but still her words
    burn fire in my heart.
    My nights filled with
    her eyes, those crystal
    eyes, that see in to
    my soul.
    Seven years pass in a night,
    my hair gray to its roots.
    I hear her laugh,
    knowing that I’ll be back
    once more.
    The stars glisten with
    contempt, witnesses
    of that night,
    leering as I lay to