• Caught up in the battles, the bloodshed, the war
    All that time, thinking I was strong
    Thinking that I came from a weakling
    Into something better, someone that can stand on their feet
    Someone proud, someone who was comfortable in their own skin
    But looking in the mirror, I do not see me.
    I see this monster
    This strange, twisted demon looking back
    Someone who takes pleasure in seeing the hurt of others
    Someone who sucks the happiness out of the ones who are actually there
    Where has the years gone
    Deep inside, there is a kinder person
    Gentle, forgiving, a saint in the world of demons
    I refuse to be the demon
    To drown all emotion away for sorrow
    When happiness lies all around me
    No more, no more
    Today is a new day.
    A new beginning.
    The end is near, breathing new life into the good.