• Hide in your shadow of intentions
    Milestone of your complexion
    Talk is cheap actions make sound
    Never live to just live down
    Queens of the west
    Jacks of the ark
    Let them laugh it up
    You're the king of hearts
    Don't still look just stare on
    Scars can't heal the wicked
    Be from the vine of golden arms
    Reach for its fruit and pick it
    Ghosts of the past
    Can play the cards
    So many jokes
    For the king of hearts
    Doubt masked by a front
    Of loyalty and shame
    Brought on by the thought
    Of living down a name
    Row away your dreams
    That are always too obscure
    To percieve the reality
    Of rhyming words with pure
    Never know the meaning
    Does it differ from your mark?
    Have you ever really lost your path?
    You're still the king of hearts.