• this is part of a chat session i had with a friend. i got bored. it just came to me enjoy, in all manner of respect i'm not looking to impress anyone. i'm just having fun.

    im' gonna make something
    idk what
    but i am
    i'll make a big LOL in my room
    that's what i'll do
    LOOOOLLLL acrosee my bedroom
    over the mountains
    under the bed
    into the bathroom
    and in my head
    i lol acrosee the moon
    i lol acrosee the mountains
    i know i already did that
    but lol around again
    it's a strange lolen ryhme
    but i like it soo
    because it makes me unique than
    butter and dough
    i would say m ore but
    my time is short
    i'll lol tomorrow at
    8 am short

    the end