• I lay here, without any sound
    Because you have stolen my senses.
    You came and swept away,
    Everything I could possibly imagine.

    As for the days that go by,
    I have stopped counting.
    I have stopped looking forward to
    Growing old and becoming gentle.

    I am frail and withered,
    Broken into pieces.
    I do not blame you,
    I can only blame myself.

    As I lay here on this cold,
    Mossy ground.
    You show your true colors,
    Your agony is released from your soul.

    I can feel what has happened,
    I know that I have done wrong.
    You were frail and withered,
    But I too know the feeling.

    I stopped counting the days,
    Because that made it too real.
    I stopped looking forward to my future,
    Because that made me limited.

    I dream as much as I can,
    And I never let anything be set in stone.
    You on the other hand,
    Are still as rock solid as you were before.

    So tell me one thing,
    My dear friend.
    Why is it that your heart is slowly dying,
    In the end?

    Mine still beats,
    Just like the sun does shine.
    And I am growing wiser,
    More in tune with the life I can put together.

    You still sit there,
    In that corner where we parted.
    Crying yourself to sleep at night,
    Remembering; Regretting everything we did.

    So tell me why do you,
    Not let it go away?
    Why do you keep
    Letting your pain control you?

    Dear love,
    I fare thee well.
    For it was not your fault,
    Because even now I know I am in pain.

    I know that pain,
    Will always be there.
    I know that looking elsewhere wont
    Make it go away.

    So take my hand,
    And let's dance this dance one last time.
    You and I tonight,
    Is all that matters.

    Your last chance to be saved,
    To save me.
    Is right here and now,
    So instead of the pain; Let's rejoice for our loss.