• I summon upon others to get my wings so i may fly away
    But all i feel is tears that pop out when you say those words to me
    over and over again all i hear is "you will get no where" or "give up you are nothing"
    I try not to give up or give in so i brave it out till my wings show again
    but how will i know they are here and when can i leave this place
    emotions i hate are real and emotions i love are illusions
    i scream to be free i scream to be let out of this cage but how
    and why is it i hate the words you dont want me to hear
    or do you truely hate me do your loneliness for a man want to me lonely for a life
    a cat in the hall way glares hungarly at my cage like i am a chew toy the dogs gaurd me like i am a bone but none of them think of me as a friend
    i hear at night nothing and i cannot sleep for all i do is weep
    in the morning i hear something screaming my name to take the dogs out
    and when im out i feel like i need to run.........to run far away from this disater of a home till i can fly to some one who cares.

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