• Love Selflessly
    I love the way he holds me, and puts me in his arms
    I love that when the wind blows it’s like I can feel his warmth
    I love all the butterflies and joy he gives me when he opens his sweet lips
    And bestows upon me words filled with sugary bliss
    I love that when I talk to him he makes my voice go as soft as summer rain
    I love how he doesn’t have swagger, but a charm seasoned from age.
    I love his modesty and gift for expression of passion,
    I promise I’ll take his hand one day I swear,
    And pledge my love to him,
    That I’ll love him unconditionally and selflessly,
    And devote my heart to him,
    However if there’s a girl who makes him smile, want, desire, and love
    More than I ever could,
    I’d give him graciously to her,
    Because he deserves the Sun, the Moon, and the little stars at dawn
    All of which I can never present
    But she probably could.