• Why does he affect me like he does?
    Are we in like or are we in love?
    And i know he has to leave,
    but i have my wants, he has his needs.
    And my heart is rather selfish,
    but yet you are so selfless.
    I wonder if you feel the same,
    or are you just tryin' to feed the flames?
    Just to douse the flames.
    Please don't make this any harder.
    'Cause i knew i wasn't ready.
    Last love keeps me unsteady.
    And I'm sadder than you think,
    happy until you blink.
    'Cause when you ain't lookin'
    I'm crying,
    when you leave I'll be dying.
    But I'll smile if your watching
    'cause I'll always feel something.
    heart sad