• Tonight I play Judge.
    And your the spotlight.
    Human Being.
    A nameless number.
    You are a mass murderer.

    Sexual sadist and bloodthirsty cur.
    Who preyed on that woman that night.
    Who nuzzled her newborn incredibly tight.
    You gaged her with all your might.
    And Slit her throat.

    Foul venom spawned of lizard urine.
    You dont resist your temptation.
    To do horrific acts beyond the capacity of beasts.
    Alas, you submit to IT.
    You give yourself like a seasoned harlot.
    To every sickening act upon this Earth.

    Simple my fiend.
    Guilty as charged.
    No doubts.
    No defense.
    Now WE play with your life.

    The jurors stained hearts and disgusted guts bellow silently.
    They bellow a most interesting recomendation.
    Send you out of State.
    And execute you.

    And now I play executioner.
    And I must make a bewildering choice.
    Should I sentence you to your untimely doom?
    Or should I remember the words of our Christ.
    And let mercy take over my soul?

    I remember your family.
    Who did all to save you.
    Who hired that mosquito.
    That sucked up 100,000 dollars.
    And your friends who defended your honor.
    Who defied my jurisdiction in my own personal court realm.
    All to save a killer.

    Yet I remember how many women you killed.
    To put a number.
    15 families left without daughters and mothers.
    15 families torn asunder from the fissure you opened.
    15 families hunting you down like a wild boar.
    15 families praying for justice in this world.

    So today Ill be your angel of death!
    For I have made a desicion!
    I declare you a menace to our society!
    For 15 murders in the first degree:
    I sentence you to death row!

    Your pleas shall not be heard!
    Your deciteful muttering shall be spat upon!
    And your serpentine tears shall be cleaned out with sulfuric acid!
    For in this world:
    There shall be no mercy for an Illness!