• I run from the light. It may not show mercy.
    I run from my fears.They may over-come me.
    I run from pride. I can't stand the ones who feel elite.
    I run from the lovers. My jealousy reveals my forever lasting hate.
    I run from myself, because the more I look at me, the more I wish the light would take me.
    I stray from the pain they cause, claiming they own and know all.
    I run from you...because when I see you here. you tell me to stay. And I don't run; because i'm no longer afraid.
    I stray away; will all my power and might; but all you do is touch me and things appear alright.
    Things are not fine. Things can't be that way.
    Out of all the torture we face day to day.
    People cry out. Claim that God will save us. But look what faith and hope have gave us.
    Where are we now? What is there to hide?
    We treasure our salvation. The knives cut deep inside.
    But I can't say I'll stay here. I can't say i'd forget you.
    You're all I know. You're my only hope.
    Everything is gone. Gone like the wind.
    I run from the lines that mangle between us. Because they tie us together.
    They'll surely defeat us.
    I run from the truth behind our tears. I promise I will be here through these years.
    Don't you see? I can't stray away, because love won't let go.