• I hope one day you come a legend.
    See the world as rock.
    See people how they are meant to be seen.
    Breathe the air of a warrior.
    Shed blood tears and sweat as you learn.
    Never going to give up or give in,
    and when your enemy think they got you to break,
    Take them down with a bang!
    I hope one day you become a legend.

    When the world in trouble,
    You don’t think twice about yourself,
    You take it on and take care of it,
    When everything seems to be lost,
    You give hope, and motivation,
    And seized the day!
    You live life like it was your last day.
    I hope one day you become a legend.

    When your old and wash up,
    Your sitting with kids telling them stories of a warrior,
    Who almost died and with the quick wit thinking,
    They came up with a plan and save the world.
    That when I will know you became a legend.