• Everyone's pain

    Pain is something we all share
    Giving the feeling of being empty and bare
    Who am i to say mine is greater than yours?
    Who knows what happens behind every locked door?
    Smiles sometimes are more than happy gestures.
    Hiding something that is rotten and festers
    who can boldly raise their hands and shout to the world,"my pain is greater than yours! Yous is insignificant compared to mine!"?

    Not everyone see the pain another has through shining eyes and grinning teeth.
    How would you know if the shining eyes weren't tears yet to be shed?
    And how would you know if the grinning was the last smile before death?
    Many people think "woe is me" just because of one tragedy, one broken heart, and one bad time.

    But what people don't see is that someone else in the world will have it worse than what they are experiencing .And maybe the reason nobody sees is because the words "woe is me" is comforting.

    This poem goes out to all who put on a smile and pretend

    To those who feel their at their wits end

    To those who feel alone and dead

    To those who's lives came to a tragic end

    This poem goes out to....

    Everyone's pain,