• I Just Thought I Should Tell You I Don't Love You.
    I Shouldn't To Be The One That Comes Up With The
    Apalajies Rememer When You Were The One AllOver Me?
    (Screaming) You Treated Me Like s**t Do You Think I Need This
    You Were Sopossed To Be Perfect And You Still Are Im Just Glad That
    We Got This Far But Now Like The Sky Your Crashing Falling Into Your Self (End Screams)
    It Not My Fault I Found Someone New When Your The One That Said Where Through
    Its Not Over Till The Fat Lady Sings Will That To Bad Becuase I Can't.
    (Screams) I Don't Even Have It In Me To Pull You Out Of The Grave Allthough Your The One
    That Paved My Heart BUT THATS HOW IT STARTED(End)
    You Cannot Fix Because Im Not Broken I Just Don't Want You
    Anymore My Tounge Is Sick Of Your Royality Taste I Can Even Stand
    To Look At Your Face. You Have To Enjoy The Little Things And Thats What
    Doing I Can't Keep Fooling Around With This Chick That Doesn't Love Me She
    Had Me At Hello Even after She Spit In My Face (Scream) Only You Correna Could Ruin This Place (end) The Sky Is Falling Down The Ground Is Cracking Apart We Have To Find A Better Way We Can't Possibly Restart Don't Get Me Wrong Id Love To Have Your Heart But Like Westling Ninjas It Was A Fail From The Start.