• Part A1

    I've done more than you and I've seen everything,
    Even at my young age I'm still here for my own sin,
    When I'm looking back at my past and reflect on what I've done,
    I just want to ******** cry and tell my son,
    "Don't become like me, you'll only end up like a fool,
    People think of me as some crazy s**t from moon,
    They look at me and don't respect me at all,
    This is the only way I can make up for the s**t,
    when my destiny calls"

    Part B1

    Rise up and falling back again, wondering
    how my life turned in such a hell,
    maybe I didn't enjoy those small moments I had in life?
    Maybe I didn't cherish and held them towards me tight?
    I know I can't change the past or the future,
    I'll take everything as it comes. So if you don't ******** respect me,
    at least tell me it so I ******** know.

    Part C

    I'm everything you wanted to be, So what?
    Can you please ******** stop mocking me?
    If you are so ******** jealous of me and my s**t,
    Then I'll tell you to ******** off and think about what you've
    done with it, Look back and see if you've treated
    me with respect, I might treat you with the same
    only if you didn't assume what I've been.