• Troubled hearts and minds come together to form one kind.
    Each has been in the dark but they have found a spark.
    They are careful not to be wrong for they want this to become strong.
    So fearful of the world’s pain they drink the feeling like sweet Champaign.
    Both have been so alone so they huddle together in the face of the unknown.
    Asking if this is real or just irony moving in for the kill.
    Because how can two far away hearts not fall to parts?
    Time passes and hearts drift close and the past hurt becomes nothing more than a ghost.
    Together they are whole, no turning back now this spark has taken control.
    They have never felt this and both now yearn for the other’s kiss.
    They have found a special kind of bliss away from the world’s ugly hiss.
    Forget if it’s for better or worse, neither is willing to go no matter if this becomes a curse.
    Their love is strong it will not become a sad love song.
    They look forward not back and the world seems less black.
    The shadows are now gone, erased by the lovely new dawn.