• I always fought back
    tryed to get back
    But it always seemed to end the same
    i would cry at night
    the tears felt so right
    i knew i was alive

    but now i don't know and now im gone

    it never was suppose to end
    broken bottles crashing
    don let them know my secert
    they can't keep it

    its never been
    like this before
    no matter how much i draw
    i see you
    before my bed

    look away and know your not there

    it never was suppose to end this way
    waves crashing the shore
    distance scream calling me
    back home

    Dont stare to long
    they told me but it always seems so wrong
    they know me
    they know my pain
    they know my name
    they know my plans
    to runaway

    im sick of it
    s.....sick of it
    im sick of it
    s....sick of it

    just leave!