• we take a picture
    of black and white
    as we sit by the water
    on this cool summer's night
    I've been trapped for so long
    in a dark cage
    where on knows
    only suffering
    I've broken free
    to be with you
    and you alone
    even though your
    right next to me
    i feel the distance growing
    i fear that it's growing
    i stare at the beautiful water abyss
    as i hold the body
    of an angel
    as i desparetly
    hope that the vlevet ebons
    stop pouring from my heart
    thats but not the only disaster
    taking place this night
    your beautiful skin pieces off
    inch by ******** inch
    as a beam from the damned
    blackened moon
    separtes us for all of eternity
    as i bleed to death
    and you fall apart...