• Let there be no sad violins
    To keep me crying
    Yet I hear them in my sleep
    Playing a painful lullaby

    Let the darkness engulf my heart
    So that I may hear it screaming for peace
    Yet I see the light to happiness
    Slowly fading away
    Fading, but still there.

    Let there be no water to chain me to the breathless oceans
    So that I may surface to the sun
    Yet the clouds rain down upon me
    Raining daggers upon my face

    Let me be alone inside
    Withering away without your recognition;
    why have you come looking for me?
    Who's hands are these that take my own?

    Let my tears disappear into the night
    So that the hurt of a thousand cries may shatter to pieces
    Even so, they overflow
    No matter how much I will them not to

    Let my being be replaced...
    If it will make you happy.