• There is no story,
    There is no lie,
    We just sit here waiting,
    Until we die,

    But why, says you,
    don't be such a fool,
    we all died for you,
    didn't you want us to?

    I can't see why not,
    guess I always thought
    that somebody like you
    with a heart so pure
    and a heart so true
    coulda seen the truth

    But I guess inside
    We're all ******** blind
    or it could just be
    that we're all just terrified

    that'd make more sense
    you were supposed to be the one
    the one who could break it all
    but instead, you just took a fall

    went into their pocket
    because it was warm and safe
    made a pillow of lint
    and just sat there to wait

    we came here today
    to bring you outside
    it's cold, that's true
    but your life is for you

    just take a peek out
    see if you like what you see
    if you see what you saw before
    maybe you'll come with me?