• Take my hand, take my breath one final time.
    Anymore time spent in this fading light, will tear me to shreads, tear me to shreads, so, lift me, lift me above the clouds.
    Take away from this fear and into the arms of enternity, no pain, no darkness to devour me.
    Time has broken my body, age will wisen me, the world will hate me for all i am, these hostile conditions carry me through on a daily basis without them there would be nothing for the parasite to thrive on.
    Chained into this rut, this time constraint, lost and forgotten by the rest of the world as i fade in as one of the crowd, nothing but held to a conditon i didnt make.
    This is it, this is the end, no longer will i be a shadow against the pavement, no more delusions of grandeur, no longer a slave to my own mind, time to set myself loose.
    I will baptize myself on the shore, headfirst into the deep, one plunge, no breath taken, no life to remain, my soul to be set against the sunset, my body to meet poseidon.
    Still i am forgotten, but never to be seen again.
    But finally i am no longer burnt by the sunlight.