• What are human beings?
    what makes us so special?
    what makes our begginings?
    what makes our hearts fill?
    with happiness and guilt?
    why are we the superior beings?
    why, why, why

    Even though, we are weak
    Even though, a single blade of grass
    or even things that are a million times smaller then us
    can kill us, destroy us, maim and tame us
    even if we are cut down,
    and blown away,
    we still walk today,
    we still walk, or roll, or fly, or swim

    We are the only being that understands what fear is,
    we are the only being that trully has mastered land, sea, and air
    so what is it that weakens us?
    Is it pride?, yes and no
    is it gluttony?, yes and no
    is it lust, greed, sloth, wrath, or even enviouse scorn and jeolusy
    YES, and NO

    What are the answers to these questions,
    what can we learn from these 7 sins (mentioned above)
    what is it that weakens humans physically, and mentally?
    what is it that takes away compassion,
    what is it
    it is YOU!
    You who have damned yourself to a life of same practice and devotion to wrong
    and yet who am i to damn you,
    for it is I who have comitted not one, nor two, but all of those sins
    so who am I?
    I am niether a false preist sent by the vatican, nor the pope himself!
    I am niether a god, nor a prophet,
    so who are you, so who am I?!
    I am man
    weak in body, but strong in mind
    I have tamed this earth, and all else whom have inhabited it
    i am man, and i will rule myself self, strait into the ground!

    Look in all indefrence i aint a bible freak, nor do i push religion and crap ideals onto others, i just feel that i have to say that these are all things that we do, I call them sins cuz i like to sound dramatic, but you can call them what you want, they still are wrongs that we commit in our everyday lives, so then what makes us better in the end? what keeps us different from somthing as simple as a common ant? what is it, is all im asking you, think about it :3