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    Somewhere out there
    I can feel your eyes
    Boring into my soul
    A place distraught with lies
    And truths
    But i know you'll discard my good side
    Only polish up the part
    Where i continue to fail
    Where im falling apart
    And its hopeless to hide
    From the thing that is you
    Stupid to think
    That dreams do come true
    I stop watching the movies
    With the happy ending
    I can see through the facade
    Its only the begginning
    I dont wish on shooting stars
    'Cause they never appear
    In my world theres only darkness
    12 months of a year
    Dont believe in the tooth fairy
    She never made good
    I check under my pillow
    But i never understood
    Why she didnt
    come through.
    Why did Santa not bring
    My new make-up set?
    Why did birthdays only come
    With poorly hided regret?
    And so,
    I know that.
    Somewhere out there
    Your eyes still watch
    For the end of the road
    Minute hand on the clock
    And your eyes wait for my end
    And your heart yearns for my flesh
    But ill dissapoint you for today
    Im starting afresh
    'Cause i finally figured out that,
    If theres a darkness, well then,

    Where is the light?