• I know your name
    I know what you believe
    You know my name as well
    And you say you will not leave

    We have the same marks
    We have the same dreams
    We always get out
    By closing the same seams

    Who are you?
    We are to much alike
    It's like we're each other
    And we always tell the bad to take a hike.

    This is to much
    There must be something were missing
    There has to be a conection
    When we first meet I wasn't hissing

    I'm never this off gaurd
    Why do I feel safe around you?
    Nothing makes sense any more
    What should we do?

    When I'm down you lift me up
    When I'm mad you calm me down
    No matter what happens
    Your always there without a frown

    I see it now
    What we're missing
    We are so amazed that we're so alike
    And I should have known it when I wasn't hissing

    It's like what they say
    It's what you said
    Your my soul mate
    And I'm with you tell I'm dead