• She never speeks.
    No one knows why.
    Everyone just assumes,
    That she's just shy.

    But the real reason,
    Is in what she wrights.
    No one has thought once,
    And sertanly not twice.

    That the reason is her.
    She worrys of what she might say.
    She wishes that no fights,
    Would come her way.

    She has a bad past.
    She regrets that day.
    She thinks shes a monster.
    And that she deserves to be slayed.

    Her life is hell now.
    She silently crys every night.
    She wishes that there was a guid,
    Something with a light.

    A light to lead her home.
    For now she feels loset.
    Is there a home?
    Her key has been tossed.