• If I should give a key to you
    This key can only unlock one thing
    And when it’s unlocked, I’ll say
    “You’ve unlocked my heart
    Remember this day
    And ‘cuz you unlocked my heart…
    Open and free forever I’ll be.”

    But, this key that I may give
    Must be used with caution,
    The key cannot be stolen or lost..
    But it can be taken back…
    And locked up once more

    For the last one that had this key,
    Laughed at me
    And bruised my heart.
    So, I took back the key ,
    but not before he tore me apart.

    That is why I hope
    That if I give this key to you
    You will unlock…
    That which needs to be unlocked
    And that which needs to be healed

    If you are the true key holder
    You can unlock my heart
    and help my heart heal..

    If you are the true keeper
    Of my heart…
    We will never part…
    And open and free,
    Together forever we will be. heart