• Your eyes execute a perfected spark which ripples through the air and shatters into me, coursing through my veins and causing new intensity. The feeling is unique, irregular, passionate. I reply upon it with a steady gaze. Heat flares upon my cheek's. I feared my embarrassment was imminent. You c**k your head to the side and present that profound grin of yours, it hints of a possible smirk. You're highly aware of what it does to me, stunning me. Rooted to the spot. The light taps of your footsteps pound through my head and echo upon the room. I feel the heat ablaze more, I suddenly wish for my presence here to subside. That smile of yours grows larger more prominent, your eyes turn devilish, mine in turn start to widen.

    Not a word has been spoken. Yet I hear everything you're thinking. Graceful yet sinewy hands appear before me. My eyes flicker to them and slowly arise to you. That infamous grin of yours lethargically changes your mannerism, as your exhibitions are displayed in your stance. My arms reciprocate whether its truly my intention for them too or not. The precipitous contact stuns me and I stagger. Your firm grasp holds me steady as you swiftly steer me into an embrace. I shake vigorously. My actions have been unbearable for me. I stay in this manner, so close to you, hearing your calm, steady, heartbeat. I smile and feel your body relax. I bite my lip. You worry for me. I tilt my head up and our eyes concatenate.

    I know it is love.