• Thousands of trees shown all around,
    Yet only one had stood alone.
    The rest were dressed in leaves abound,
    But only one had no leaves grown.

    It was different from the rest
    And had no confidence within.
    It just wanted to be the best,
    But had no will power to win.

    The others around it held on
    While helping it to stand up strong.
    However its spirit was gone
    And thought everything was wrong.

    It stood in the center of all
    Knowing it had to put up a show.
    But after time there was a fall,
    And felt it had no where to go.

    Thoughts of failure and thoughts of loss
    All concerns that went through its mind.
    Support was last to come across
    Comfort it did not want to find.

    Others around it saw despair,
    And attempted to be of aid.
    But pain it did not want to share
    While continuing to be strayed.

    After time it realized what
    It needed was support and care.
    Kindness was what needed to be sought
    Just as existence of the air.

    Thousands of trees shown all around,
    Yet only one stood alone.
    But in that one tree something found,
    A leaf that had finally grown.