• Can you hear the thunder?
    --- I’m deaf, darling. ---
    Can you feel the cold rain?
    --- I’m numb, still. ---
    Jack, wake up.
    --- I’m not sleeping, dear. ---
    Do you realize this is all a dream?
    --- Emily, this is more than a dream to me. ---
    That nothing is as it seems?
    --- Pull me out of my reverie. ---
    Of course.
    --- Of course. ---
    Of course you know.
    --- Of course you don't believe. ---
    It's written on your scarred face.
    --- My scars are more than skin deep. ---
    Jack, wake up.
    --- I'm not sleeping, dear. ---
    Your shattered mask of indifference lies on the cold floor.
    --- If only it could share its pain. ---
    And your reaction?
    --- I can't feel a thing. ---
    --- My heart is shattered. ---
    Nothing, Jack.
    --- I refuse to show it. ---
    Do these white walls suffocate you?
    --- If only you knew the dark memories hidden here. ---
    Jack, wake up.
    --- I’m not sleeping, dear. ---
    I swore I loved you.
    --- I swore I loved you. ---
    You said nothing.
    --- I was speechless. ---
    You felt nothing!
    --- I didn’t know what I felt. ---
    You remained silent as my tears fell.
    --- I didn’t want to hurt you. ---
    You’re heartless, Jack.
    --- Perhaps I am, Emily. ---
    No different than the others.
    --- I never fit in with them. ---
    Oh, you’ll see.
    --- I’m blind, dear. ---
    They’ll all see!
    --- They’ll never listen. ---
    How much I truly did love you.
    --- I loved you more than you will ever know. ---
    Jack, wake up.
    --- I’m not sleeping, dear. ---
    Open your golden eyes and see for once!
    --- They are forever closed. ---
    You’re numb.
    --- It’s no surprise. ---
    Feel for once, Jack.
    --- If only you knew my pain. ---
    --- I cannot open up to you. ---
    Quit your act and listen to me.
    --- It was never an act. ---
    Jack, wake up.
    --- I’m not sleeping, dear. ---
    Let the freedom begin.
    --- Break these chains that bind me. ---
    Let yourself go.
    --- I’m freefalling. ---
    Your past is behind you, and the worst is over.
    --- Memories are all that I am. ---
    The storm has ended.
    --- We’re in the eye of the hurricane. ---
    Embrace me once more.
    --- Your touch only reminds me of what I lost. ---
    Kiss me once more.
    --- You love me too much. ---
    Don’t leave so soon.
    --- I cannot stand this any longer. ---
    I want your goodbye, at least.
    --- I’m in too much pain to speak. ---
    I was wrong, Jack.
    --- I was wrong, Emily. ---
    I was so, very wrong.
    --- Emily, I was very, very wrong. ---
    You’re nowhere near heartless, Jack.
    --- My heart burst at the seams for you. ---
    You’re nowhere near numb, or blind, or deaf.
    --- I am unfeeling, cold, and refuse to listen. ---
    Your scars are only skin deep.
    --- They matter more than you will ever know. ---
    Jack; you have no need to wake up.
    --- I was never sleeping, Emily dearest. ---
    Let us stay like this forever.
    --- Keep me in your heart forever, Emily. ---