• You haunt my dreams
    You stalk my days
    My memories of you
    They never fade

    Leave you behind
    I know i should
    But even if i wanted to
    I don't think I could

    Forgiving and forgetting
    My life that was
    How much farther?
    Destroy my life, yes it does

    A shadow behind me
    There's darkness ahead
    Your actions against me
    Make me wish i were dead

    I still want to forget
    With my whole being
    But it's harder than it looks
    Your acts were obscene

    Look at me now
    I'm slowly dying
    My smile is so fake
    Inside I'm crying

    Pretending is my new life
    Acting my new game
    Everyone believes I'm fine
    They don't know I'm insane

    You left me here bleeding
    With no childhood
    I want you to read this
    So my pain is understood