• As i stood there
    my heart started to ache
    ~how was i going to bring the news
    how was I going to tell her?~

    I turned my heard toward her
    Sorrow in my eyes
    ~Is she going to take it as a joke
    Is she going to cry?~

    I forced a smile
    But on the inside I was going to cry
    ~I had to tell her
    I couldn't see her cry...~

    I opened my mouth
    But the words would not come out
    ~I needed to tell her
    I needed to tell her now..~

    She looked at me
    Her eyes glistening with confusion
    ~Here i go
    I'm going to say it!~

    A smile widened across her face
    ~I'm going to doing it
    I can FINALY say it!~

    I touched her face
    ~I lov-~
    ~why does my stomach hurt
    why can't i breath?~

    She was screaming something
    It looked to be my name
    ~why can't i hear anything
    why is my heart beat so loud?~

    I fell backwards
    My head smacking against the pavement
    ~my heart beat became slower
    I can here things in and out.~

    ~why is everything an echo
    why is her hand in blood?~

    She bowed her head
    and she started to cry
    ~I was dieing
    why was this happening?~

    ~I love you~ she cried
    I looked up at her
    ~did she mean this
    was all this a dream?~

    I touched her face
    and i tried to talk
    ~no words?
    I can't go now...~

    Darkness consumed me
    Light filled my eyes
    ~Why now?
    Just bis longer?~

    My body is growing limp
    My heart is coming to a stop
    ~I am dead
    I have never told her the same~

    Darkness stays
    nothing is coming up
    ~why aren't i waking up
    aren't you suppose to wake after you die?~