• You created a puppet.
    It was perfect to you.
    It did as it was told.
    It never wanted to disappoint you.
    It always smiled.
    You told it what to do.
    You always smiled.
    You were never alone.
    You never cried.
    But on the inside, it died.
    I cannot be your puppet anymore.
    I cannot do what I’m told.
    I cannot keep a fake smile.
    I’m only alive because you made me.
    I do not love you.
    I will not lie.
    I cannot hold you, when you cry.
    I use to care.
    But you controlled me.
    Made me touch you, when you were lonely.
    I held you close.
    Always cared.
    My strings are breaking.
    I’m sorry now.
    You should of realized.
    You made me.
    You gave me life.
    You gave me feelings.
    You need to think twice.
    I was just a doll.
    I never thought normal.
    My life was to make you happy.
    And so I will.
    When you’re alive you only feel pain.
    I tried to help you, but it wasn’t the same.
    I do not love you, I care more then that.
    Now I will make you always happy.
    Tonight you will feel joy, forever and ever.
    You fall to the ground with a smile.
    Your once lifeless soul is with god.
    You will smile forever.
    Your pain is now gone.
    My strings are broken.
    And now I fill fade.
    My job is over.
    You do not need me anymore.