• Undiscoverd lives, wishing upon a hope
    That never will except them untill they
    Become pure hearted with evil souls.
    Fall down a sky of black and green strands
    staining the skin that lay attached to their
    Bodies, hair flowing past long and smooth layers
    Of the surface.
    With movements so quick, judgement glides so
    Quickly past, moonlight dancing across the faces of
    Monster said creatures, Fur so fine you would not
    Tell unless touched; claws said to be able to
    Consume even the strongest substance,
    Call them monsterous and horrific if must be
    To not allow something different into your
    Life. Allow though everything and let them be
    Understood in your society, a tail so pure black its beauty
    And magnificence radiate, Ears that are just as perfect.
    You call this beast a horrible combination, i call it perfection.
    A wolf like person with long black hair, yellow eyes
    That could show you another universe.