• Hey there you
    Remember what we used to do
    What we wanted to be
    You and me
    Everything we could have been
    Living the life of freedom without sin
    I can't see you now
    And I don't even know how
    I lost you
    Who are you
    Where are you at
    How could I have lost you just like that
    Where did you go
    Please, I need to know
    If you're okay
    Where you stay
    I am scared
    From the scars my heart bears
    The love we used to share
    We never really cared
    Of who was to blame
    Who started this game
    Who made it end
    Where are you friend
    I can't even think
    You live behind each blink
    I can't even sleep
    Without waking up to weep
    There is no light at the end of this tunnel
    Caught in the sweep of a emotional funnel
    There is little left that I can muster
    That once shown the luster
    Of heartbeats
    That are just as sweet
    Of fire
    I miss you
    And the things that we used to do
    You said goodbye
    Which was fine
    But I said hello
    So you would know
    That I love you
    I do, I do, I do
    Where are you
    Do you love me too
    Or did that die
    Like the happiness inside