• It hangs upon you're neck
    just as pretty as can be.
    Please don't try to hand it back
    it looks so lovely on thee.
    It sparkles in the sunlight
    just as pretty as those eyes.
    Those twinkly figures in the night
    that I have kissed goodbye.

    Every way you move
    it will be there to keep you whole.
    It's like an angel follows you.
    With it you'll never be alone
    Look down and it will be there
    through the darkest nights.
    From now until forever
    I hope it is your guiding light.

    Let it be with you always,
    wherever in life you go.
    Read these final words
    just so you may know,
    that although times will be tough,
    know to never run.
    As long as you have that with you,
    you will always overcome.