• We're sorry we've hurt you,
    We're sorry to say,
    That all of the pain we did cause today,
    Was all in good faith,
    An attempt at new life.
    We didn't mean to cause you all of this strife.

    Perhaps you could hate us,
    Perhaps you will not,
    Maybe some day you'll remember the lot,
    You'll call up the memories,
    And laugh at their ways,
    But we know this moment isn't coming in days.

    And if you decide
    To wreek havoc again,
    Please only hurt
    This decietful young friend,
    Don't take out your pain
    On the rest of the world,
    Just make our heart bleed
    With the power of your words.

    We're the reason for it,
    The things that we've caused,
    We really tried to help,
    But the wounds were Un-gauzed.
    We infected you,
    With pain undenied.
    Stability withstanding,
    Our sanity's died.

    Whatever your choice,
    Revenge or Forsake,
    Perhaps you can throw it
    On over the lake
    The pain that we've caused,
    We deserve to the end,
    But we won't let our love
    Be the death of a friend